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  Performed by members of Ribble Valley Branch Performed by other groups
Demonstration items
(performed at ceilidhs)
Auchindoun Castle
Gold and Silver
Fête Champêtre
Sea Green / Two Furlongs
Water Medley
A comedy item
A Hallowe'en item
Accumulating triangles
Dances from the Ribble Valley Book
Berry Brow
By Invitation
The Carleton Jig
The City of Preston
The David Queen Strathspey
Don & Dee's Reel
A Fulwood Favourite
Kathy Campbell's Reel
Long Frank's Reel
Red Rum
The Restless Ghost
The Ribblesdale Strathspey
Berry Brow
Red Rum
The Ribblesdale Strathspey
Other dances from Branch members   Shadow RSCDS book 50
The Nurseryman RSCDS book 37
The Nurseryman RSCDS book 37
Burnieboozle Southport book