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About us

This is the website of the Ribble Valley Branch of the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society (RSCDS).

The Society’s aims are to promote dancing as a rewarding, sociable, healthy pastime, and to promote live and recorded music. Our Branch is a charity, we endorse the Society’s aims in the Ribble Valley area, and in short we aim to dance well and have FUN.

We meet on Mondays at Fulwood for a beginner/improver class, and on Wednesdays at Goosnargh for a general class. The class on Mondays is a combined beginners and improvers class; this is run by experienced teachers who keep us well in hand. On those social occasions when the classes are combined, please do not hesitate to ask an experienced person to dance with you; on such occasions, you will find it more helpful than always dancing with another beginner. Details of classes

Each year we run a Nice & Easy dance in March, a Spring Dance in April, a Summer Ball in August, an Autumn Dance in October, and we have a Hogmanay Dance to complete the year. There are many dances held within the area and we have a notice board which is full of news and future events. Details of dances

Other events
The Branch also runs a Day School in September, and a weekend trip to Scotland in spring, each year. Details of these events

Please do ask if you have any queries. If a member cannot answer your query they may be able to point out someone (a committee member) who can.
We hope that you enjoy your dancing with us enough to encourage you to join the Branch as a full member. Membership